The career of the musician and composer Andreas Aigmüller


Andreas Aigmueller was born into a musical family in Magdeburg, East Germany in 1952.


From 1969 to 1974 he studied timpani and percussion at the Hanns Eisler College of Music in East Berlin. While there he devoted much time to the study of Jazz music and worked with several renowned Jazz musicans.


From 1974 to 1978 he was solo timpanist with the Philharmonic Orchestra in Rostock. He completed his studies in composition at the College of Music in East Berlin during this time. Andreas Aigmueller was a founding member of a Percussion/Piano Duo as well as the Organ & Percussion Ensemble.


During his tenure as solo timpanist with the Staatskapelle Berlin (1978-1985) he absolved numerous concert tours to domestic as well as international music denters, both as a member of the orchestra and as a composer in his own right.


In 1981 he received a price at the International Gaudeamus Artists Competition for Contemporary Music in Rotterdam, in 1982 the Cultural Prize of the City of Reinbeck and in 1983 he was honored at the Dresden Music Festival. As a student in Siegfried Matthus’ master class he worked for two years at the fomer East German Academy of the Arts.


In 1985 he became solo timpanist in the Mozarteum Orchestra in Salzburg.  The Republiuc of Austria awarded him a state scholarship for composers and from 1989 to 1991 he was able to expand his musical knowledge by studying conducting with Suitner in Vienna.

The colourful index of works of Andreas Aigmueller embraces compositions of such differing genres as film, drama, ballet and chamber music as well as symphonic works, an opera, and a dance-drama-play, a combination of ballet, drama and musical.

His works have been performed by the Berlin Philharmonic, the Staatskapelle Berlin, the Leipzig Opera, the Kleist-Festival in Frankfurt/Oder, the Mozarteum Orchstra in Salzburg, the State Orchestra of Frankfurt/Oder as well as the Philharmonia Hungarica and the Staatskapelle Weimar

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